Dear Disruption

No, auto-correct there is never an instance in which I meant to use the word (wait for it)…duck. Other words NOT in my vocabulary until 2020? Murder hornets, Covid-19, and all this ducking disruption.

Parts Town Educates Dealers on Buying & Selling Parts During Cutting Edge EDU Webinar

Excell Foodservice Equipment Dealer Network and Nissco Restaurant Dealer Group dealer members were joined by Amanda Martin from Parts Town where they learned how to find the right OEM restaurant equipment parts for their jobs, quickly access operations manuals and important warranty information.

Industry Update: Supply Chain, Labor, and Material Shortages

As an advocate, and in the spirit of Stronger Together, we have spent the last few weeks speaking with dozens of domestic manufacturers and import vendor partners on your behalf to understand what is happening in the marketplace. We would like to offer insight into those conversations and the current logistics and freight issues challenging our industry.

Get to Know Randy Brunschwig, CEO of Excell & Nissco

Randy Brunschwig lives out of a mindset focused on opportunity, relationships and growth. After starting his career in corporate finance, he took a risk to redirect his life 17 years ago when he took the helm of the Excell Buying Group. With commitment to his dealer and vendor partners, he expanded their network a few years ago and today is the President and CEO of Excell and Nissco Buying Groups.

COVID19: A Letter from our CEO

Stay calm, we will recover. Center yourself often by breathing deeply, taking a walk, and thinking positive thoughts. “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” – William James. Be financially and personally resilient. Communicate with employees and customers often. Eat chicken soup, it’s good for your soul! We will overcome this difficult period and be stronger for our perseverance.

Restaurant Operators, Here’s Your Wake-Up Call

Don’t get lost in the details. Let our restaurant equipment dealers shoulder the burden so you can focus on running your kitchen. Our dealers are invested in your success and a partnership with an Excell food service equipment dealer guarantees you are connected to a local expert who keeps abreast of changing technology, is skilled in providing personalized product recommendations, unparalleled service and always puts your needs first.

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