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Here’s Your Wake-Up Call

It’s Tuesday. You’re a passionate restaurateur. You just schlepped another piece of equipment into the back alley that arrived damaged and wasn’t what you thought you ordered. After contemplating, you think, “I’ll make it work.” After an hour of trying to get it through the kitchen door and throwing out your back, you realize you don’t even know how to set it up. The accessories needed to correctly adapt it to your operation are missing. You are exhausted. You’ve emailed, called and chatted online with bigonlinefoodservice.com, but they aren’t timely, they don’t care and you give up. The internet has claimed another victim to purchasing the lowest online price. Now what?

You contact one of our dealers. 

Purchasing from a dealer member of the Excell foodservice equipment buying group allows end-users peace of mind knowing that they are getting the best equipment for their foodservice operation.

Work Smart

Don’t get lost in the details. Let our dealers shoulder the burden so you can focus on running your kitchen. Our dealers are invested in your success and a partnership with an Excell Foodservice Equipment Dealer guarantees you are connected to a local expert who keeps abreast of changing technology, is skilled in providing personalized product recommendations, unparalleled service and always puts your needs first.

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