Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Join?

    To learn more about membership requirements and the benefits of being in a group purchasing organization, please request an information packet here or call 720-361-1913 to speak to our sales representative.

  • How does your buying group give back to the community?

    Our dealers and vendors united in 2018 to build a new kitchen that serves 33,000 charitable meals annually. $90,000 worth of foodservice equipment was donated by our members, at no cost. The actions of our partners truly make our communities “Stronger Together.”

    Excell’s nonprofit, Cooking Up Better Lives, allows restaurant equipment dealers and vendors the opportunity to advance in corporate good and social responsibility. We provide an organized and national coordinating body for the foodservice equipment buying group industry to streamline, leverage and procure products and services to build a new kitchen at low to no cost.

    To learn more, please visit our website:

  • What’s your secret to running a successful buying group?

    People First. We listen and realize industry challenges and think forward to provide services and resources to channel that energy into directions of growth, opportunity and solutions to fit our membership’s needs.

    Partners experience daily and direct access to our buying group team and experience our values first-hand. It is no secret that our success stems from having a strategic focus that is built on a customer-centric foundation.

    We employ a talented and culture-oriented team who are driven to go one step further to relentlessly improve upon our member’s businesses.

    And, of course, the true testament to our community is the time we take together to enjoy the journey.

    (Company Values: People First, Customer Centric, Go One Step Further, Relentless Improvement, Think Forward and Enjoy the Journey.)

  • What does a partnership with Excell look like?

    Our partners experience daily and direct access to our buying group team and experience our values first-hand. We see ourselves as an extension of each dealer’s success.

  • What sets Excell apart from other buying groups?

    We are passionate about building and maintaining relationships in order to foster a community of growth. Our goals include driving mutual success and enriching the lives of our restaurant buying group partners with a customer-centric and people first attitude. Our community is our highest priority and that makes all the difference.

  • What are the benefits of joining Excell?

    Our professionally-run management team challenges the status quo. As forward-thinking leaders and technology trailblazers of the foodservice buying group landscape, we grow our dealer and vendor’s businesses for a competitive future – maximizing their group purchasing to become pioneers in the marketplace, and ultimately, driving success to the end-users through access to the largest network of dealers and vendors across the nation.

    We are an extension of each dealer’s success. Enabling competitive procurement strategies that seamlessly blend with each dealer’s personal touch.

    Dealers enjoy access to best-in-class reporting tools, unsurpassed vendor programs, comprehensive centralized accounting services, online education through proprietary training platforms, in-person and virtual educational seminars, attendance to our coveted annual networking event and admission into the industry’s most diverse multi-channel marketing program.

    Our vendor partners have access to our coveted network of committed, growth-focused dealers who value our vendor programs and drive volume loyalty.

  • Why should I join Excell versus remain an independent dealership?

    Excell realizes industry challenges and thinks forward to provide resources and solutions to fit our members’ needs. Excell leverages its combined buying power to negotiate great programs that will help you compete with larger dealers and increase your bottom line.